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Nunzio La biancaCam

Nunzio was born in Sicily, Italy and his family migrated to Australia when he was 3 years age. His father Mario had migrated to Australia first in the 1940's at the age of 16 he left Sicily because there was no food or work to feed the families.

Nunzio's father first choice was to migrate to America with his brother for a number of years and had seen first hand the problem that faced new Italian American's. Whilst living in America he was told of Australia, a new country with the promise of wealth and fortune. He came to Australia and stayed for a couple of years before finely settling back in Sicily.

Nunzio's father Mario met and wed his mother Maria Santa Lenzo in Australia. They had two sons in Australia Anthony and Joseph. They sold up and returned to Sicily to start a new life in the 1960's. Nunzio Di Gregorio La bianca was born on the 21 September 1965 in Patti Sicily. His parents named Nunzio has he was born on the Saints day of there home town "La Madonna Nunziata di Ruccuja". Unfortunately Sicily has always had a dark side to its story so for the good of there son's Nunzio's parents return to Australia.

Nunzio started his schooling at Leederville primary school behind West Perth football oval. His formal training started not in martial arts but in Aussie Rules Football. He played football till the age of 18 and played at a state level. Football was a good foundation for his training as it was not ununsual to have a scrap in every game.

At the age of 12 Nunzio was introduced by his Cousin Frank La Bianca to Martial arts. Frank trained in boxing and Fung Sau Kung Fu and introduced Nunzio to Grand Master Peter Stevens. In addition, he trained in London under Grand Master Chee Soo and boxed under renowned trainer Laurie Haymer.

Nunzio's life experience have been shaped by his extensive involvement in the hospitality and nightclub industry in Europe and Western Australia's Northbridge and Fremantle precinct. in 1996 he estabilished The Bog Night Club Perth. In 1998 The Bog Fremantle Nightclub and in 2000 Chyna Whyte Nightclub. Nunzio successfully traded for thitreen years and this time has been the biggest employer of live music in Western Australia. The Rock Nightclub was the last of Nunzio's clubs to open and closed in 2009 due to an on going confidential police investigation. Nunzio La Bianca is still in the process of clearing his name.

In 2000 independent producer, Derek Hobbs approached Nunzio to assist him in the production of a film. Nunzio Wrote, Directed and Starred in his first feature lenght film Aussie Park Boyz. A preview of a film was taken to the Usa and subsequently picked up by the New York Independent Film Festival and ITN distribution.

In 2006 Nunzio La Bianca's acting success continued when he co-starred with John Waters in the feature film, The Bouncer.

Joe MurabitoPep

Joe was born in Subiaco, Perth(WA) on the 3 february 1969, his parents originated from Ucria Sicily (Italy).

At the age of six yeras old began to learn Karate beigin trained buy master sensei Kayo which he held a 7 Dan black belt. He left school at the age of 14 and worked with his father doing concrete.

When he turned 17 he joined Dave Casella's kick boxing academy in Osborne Park and competed for 5 consecutive years, achieving the state and Australian titles unfeated. He had the pleasure to train with Joe Fazio at Balga Boxing on and off for about 10 years. At the age of 18 he began to work for hiself on and off for the next 5 years.

In 1993 he started a concrete company call Conspect Construction which employed up to seventy personel.

In 2003 decided to diversify in the concrete business and started a new company call Perth Precast which is involved in the major project thru out Western Australia and has a staffing levell off up to 100 people. He also starred in Aussie Park Boyz 1.

Francesca UrliClaudia
Jamie MercantiJimmy

Jamie Mercanti(Slim Jim) studied Theatre Arts and Journalism at the Western Australia Institute of Technology (WAIT) between 1981-1984 and performed in numerous Hayman Theatre productions including A MAD MAD WORLD MY MASTERS, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, YERMA, OLD FLAMES, LYSISTRATA, COMEDY OF ERRORS, MOTHER GOOSE, GRANNY GET YOUR GUN and GUYS & DOLLS.

Jamie's professional acting career credits include major theatrical productions of SOUTH PACIFIC, TOAD OF TOAD HALL, ANNIE, FLIPPERS BROADWAY BABYLON OR BUST, THE SENSATIONAL 60s and GODSPELL. As well as appearances in two highly acclaimed television mini-series A FORTUNATE LIFE and THE CHALLANGE.

Jamie formed Sim Jim & the FATTS Band in 1986 and this popular team of entertainers and misicians has performed in excess of 6000 gigs throughout Western Australia. Between 1999-2001, Slim Jime & FATT Band performed on the very popular "Basil's Footy Show"o on Channel 7 Perth.

Jamie has recently returned to acting with appearances in two Western Australian feature films- "Aussie Park Boyz" and "The Bouncer".

Jamie continues to perform weekly with Slim Jim & the FATTS Band and also heads Slim Jim Enterprises - an entertainment booking agency that represents the best of WA "live" bands and entertainment.

biaggio ventrelliLui

Biagio or better known as "Billy Biagio"by his friends. He is an Australian Calabrese/Sicilian and was born in Perth (WA) on the 25/07/1969. He grew up in Osborne Park and attended Saint Kerin catholic school. He is the son of Francesco and Giuseppina and the brother of Rosanna, Maria and Frank.

He left the school at 15 and worked in a number of trades from plastering to truck driving. He owns and managers on of Perth leading Italian restaurant called The VIP Lounge Restaurant in Northbridge. Biagio he also starred in Aussie Park Boyz 1.

duanne chapmanNew Zealand International Wrestler

Duanne was born in New Zealand is a professional wrestler. Duanne has a Security company and lives in Perth.

wayne fosterSilver

Wayne grew up in North Perth with his mum and sister through the 70's and 80's. At the time the are was heavily occupied by Italian and Macedonians and Wayne had many "wog" school friends as he was one of the only skip around. Wayne enjoyed primary school productions and choir and he then went to Mount Lawley School, whilst he was not as athleticc as some of the other kids he was very good in theathre and productions. After high school he had an office job and started work almost immediately in a night club as a glassy (The Palladium) for some extra cash.

Fast forward to December 1999 he started doing security at The Bog in Fremantle, his first night was Millennium new years eve. He soon moved from Fremantle to The Bog Northbridge and become friends with the staff and management. At this time The Bog owner Nunzio La Bianca was looking for people with unique and differing looks for his first productioin 'Aussie Park Boyz 1 and with his silver hair Wayne was asked to take on the role of Skip/Silver in the main gang, which he gladly accepted. Wayne then had a small part in the Derek Hobbs production of The Bouncer which sterred Australian actor John Waters and also a lot of the Aussie Park Boyz cast. More recently Nunzio La Bianca announced Aussie Park Boyz 2 and Wayne was eager to be part of the project.

Wayne lives in Perth with his long time girlfriend Liz, enjoys motorcycling and works in the CBD.

matthew RavlichBear Trap

Matt is an Australian born with Croatin heritage. He currently working as a manager in a bulding company. He plays the character of Bear Trap . He never done any type of acting before so the whole thing is a new experience for him. The name Bera Trap actually came from his real life nickname. He says: in the movie I did my best to try and be myself. Do what I would do in the situations that face my charcater in the film. In real live i believe in talking when you have too, and letting your actions speak for you. aAlways stand up and back your mates no matter what. Hopefully you see this come through in Bear Trap in the film... he is quiet... but he is always ready to back up his mates in a fight: im also really proud of being able to show off my Croation heritage in the film which means a lot to me.

jeremy la biancaJoe

Jeremy is the nephew of Nunzio Dg La Bianca. He is of Italian and Australian heritage, the son of Joe an Tony and the brother of Daniel And David. Jeremy was born in Perth (WA) on the 2nd November 1989 and lived majority of his life in Osborne Park. Jeremy reached heights in all sports but mostly football and cricket where he was trained from the age of 5 years old. He his already self employed and works as a ceramic tiler employing a number of people. He also at the moment training with his uncle Nunzio in the art of Fung Sau Kung Fu and Western Boxing. Jeremy plays the younger of the Aussie Park Boyz named Joe.

kevin kopolistatsSpero

Kevin is an Australian Greek/Macedonian and was born in Western Australia on the 29 August 1973 and grew up in Mount Hawthron next to Osborne Park. Kevin is the son of Peter and Angela and the brother of George. Kevin trade of work ias a cabinet maker/carpenter. He was also joint business partner with Nunzio La Bianca in his Northbridge nightclub called the Rock. Kevin has also trained with Nunzio in the art of Fung Sau Kung Fu for 16 years and has reached the level of 4th degree Black Belt.

brendan saccaBig Frank

Brendan was born in Bunbury (WA).He likes Motocross and Body Bulding, at the moment he works offshore on the oil rigs.

danny birrelHead Skinhead

Danny was born in Fremantle (WA). He works on the Docks. He likes Body Building, fitness also Danny has a passion for acting.

jeff jakoticLeo

Jeff is an Austrlian/Serbian and grew up in Midland (WA). He is a Personal Trainer and Bodyguard.

marcelle webberFat Tony

Born in Townsville, Queensland in 1977, Marcelle Weber moved around Australia with his family until finally making Perth their home in 1985. When Marcelle was 11, he was asked to take up the role of Humphrey Bogart, in Casablanca, for a university graduate’s thesis on how children dealt with adult roles. That was Marcelle’s first taste of acting. Over time he realized his love for acting and performing, so in 2008 Marcelle enrolled in an adult acting class with Actors Now. During the course he realized his drive: to entertain as an actor.

After completing this course, Marcelle was offered representation with Actors now Perth, which he happily accepted. From then on he have been training and honing his skills with PAC workshops and Ali Robert’s studio.

Marcelle has starred in numerous short films, theatre productions and has had small parts in two feature films and now as a fellow AUSSIE PARK BOY in the second installment of the franchise.

In 2009, at the Bunbury Festival, Marcelle received the ‘Strong Performance Award’ for the play ‘The Last Waltz’ and the ‘Award for Excellence’ for the same play for the WA Dramafest 2009.

He feels he has grown as an actor through the continual training and mentoring received throughout Perth by talented professionals within the industry. Through his instructions Marcelle feels he is becoming a well rounded actor, and through this experience, Marcelle believes that he’d also like to become a teacher and mentor to others.

Marcelle through great network contacts and encouragement from fellow actors has created a production company Scene12 in which he has created in view to help other actors in Perth showcase their own talents and by doing so show Perth to be the vibrant scene for talented actors and professionals.

Now an Executive Producer and heading the main cast of a new online soon to be released web series ‘FEED ‘which will be going worldwide from January 2011.

Marcelle feels privileged to be amongst the talent Aussie Park Boyz 2 cast and looks forward to seeing it succeed and become a international success.

troy cowardAnthony

Troy from Gosnells (WA). He works for a Top Class Renovation Company.

riccardo monteleoneGoldne Gloves Champion
robert powdrillAustralian Kick Boxing Champion.
piotr clementMMA Australian Champion